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When your home's sewer or septic systems malfunction, things can go downhill in a hurry. Keep your systems in good working condition with the preventative services available from the experts at McKenna Septic & Sewer Services. We pride ourselves on being able to tackle any emergency and have been delivering high-quality sewer and septic services to your friends and neighbors across Southern California since 1930.

No matter when you have a sewer or septic system issue, you can count on our team of technicians. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your emergency service needs. We're here to make your service easy and affordable. Call us today at 760-751-2293 for a FREE onsite estimate on your service. Manufacturer's warranties are available. If water flows through it, we can do it!
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Maintenance Services Include

  • Septic tank repair and replacement
  • New septic system design - vertical and horizontal seepage pits
  • Aerobic treatment unit maintenance
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting water waste problems
  • Tank lids and riser repair and replacement - standard or traffic-rated
  • Tank abandonments, replacements, and repairs
  • Permits, site planning, and PERC testing
  • Drain field system repairs
  • Drainage line inspections - blockage or tree root infiltration
  • Drain cleaning - Jetting and cable machine cleaning
  • Real estate inspections
  • Water line troubleshooting
  • Video inspections for septic and sewer lines
  • Repiping of supply and waste lines
  • Diversified septic and sewer services
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